Services are provided by qualified and certified chimney-sweeper post masters.

  • Flue and ductwork cleaning
  • Flue and ductwork roadworthiness inspection filling in the inspection act - need of new heating equipment - gas boilers, furnaces, fireplaces installation, adding flue
  • Newly built chimney technical condition assessment - putting a new building into service
  • Heating appliances (stove, fireplace, fireplace, boiler) cleaning
  • Ductwork mechanical cleaning
  • Flue and ductwork screening - a survey with video recorder in order to detect hidden defects in internal layer stack and partition
  • Flue lining with stainless steel tubes - is required for adding a fuel gas boiler to an existing brick stack
  • Flue lining with ceramic tubes - is required for adding a solid fuel boiler, fireplace, open-fire stoves to an existing brick stack
  • Consulting

We always are open for cooperation – for environmentally friendly and fireproof Latvia